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Visual Services Area Manager Louisiana
Visual Services Area Manager Louisiana


API 570, 510, 653
AWS CWI Expired


Management and coordination of all activities for Inspection Companies. This includes but is not necessarily limited to, sales, personnel recruiting, bidding, job preparation, personnel management, public relations, and maintaining relationships with a client base and professional organizations.

Experienced in all aspects of company ownership including but not limited to, business planning, accounting, finance management, banking, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, profit and loss statements, budgeting, revenue forecasting/tracking and cash flow statements.

Member of the American Petroleum Institute (API), Individual Certification Program Task Force. Assist in development of certification exam questions and certification exam construction for inspections of piping, pressure vessels, aboveground storage tanks and corrosion mechanisms.

Interface with Management and Engineering of various disciplines from both a technical and practical standpoint, to ensure that the contract requirements have been completed in a timely and concise manner.
Procedure development for repairs, alterations, and re-rating of pressure vessels, above ground storage tanks and piping.

Inspection Plan development which encompasses Mechanical Integrity Procedures for Construction, Maintenance, and Turnarounds.

Implementation of computer software Inspection Data Management and Plant Condition Management Systems.

Proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel along with various other software applications.

Review of Process Design Specifications and review and approval of Bid specifications to ensure that Engineering Specifications have been incorporated.

Planning and development of budgets for major projects.

Onsite inspection and documentation audits for piping, valves, structural steel, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pumps, tanks, concrete and civil work.

Source inspection and documentation audits for piping, valves, structural steel, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pumps, tanks and various offshore oilfield equipment.

NDE interpretations and audits to ensure compliance to the requirements of the contract documents.
Supervise and audit Welding Procedure Qualifications and Welder Performance Qualifications to ensure compliance to ASME and AWS codes.

Provide technical assistance to field personnel to ensure that quality construction and maintenance practices are being maintained.


1978 South Louisiana Vocational Technical Institute, Welding Houma, LA
1977 Hahnville High School Paradis, LA
Code West API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection Seminar
Code West API 570 Piping Inspection Seminar
Tank Consultants, Inc. API 653 Tank Inspection Seminar
Magnetic Particle Training
Radiographic Interpretation Training
Ultrasonic Thickness Training
Liquid Penetrant Training
Mobil Oil Aboveground Storage Tanks Seminar
Bechtel Power Welding Metallurgy
SGS Corrosion Survey Seminar
Texas Nuclear Analyzer Positive Materials Identification


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