Conventional NDT Services

Dye PenetrantLiquid Penetrant Testing is a very versatile method used to detect surface discontinuities in a wide variety of product forms. It is relatively cost effective and very portable in application. Penetrant Testing can also be performed using the Fluorescent method.
Magnetic ParticleCapitol Ultrasonics offers Magnetic Particle Testing of Ferromagnetic Materials. Testing can be accomplished either during fabrication of equipment as well as testing for service induced flaws or monitoring of repairs.
RadiographyIndustrial Radiography is one of the largest volume services we provide at Capitol Ultrasonics. We use radioactive isotopes which produce gamma radiation in a controlled environment which exposes film and produces a negative image.
Ultrasonic TestingAs our name implies Ultrasonic Testing is our specialty. We have more experienced "Qualified UT Examiners” than any other company in the Louisiana/Mississippi Gulf Coast region.



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