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Visual Testing/Remote

The most common NDE and inspection method is Visual Examination. It is procedure for our Technicians to perform Visual Examination on every component that other NDE techniques are employed. Visual Inspection is used in all stages of manufacturing and fabrication as a means of verifying conformance to standards and ensuring quality levels are met and maintained. Visual Inspection is classified into two general techniques; Direct and Remote Visual Inspection.

Direct Visual Inspection- This technique is used when the examiner has direct visual access to the surface being inspected. Numerous tools are used to aid in the inspection such as flashlights, pit gages, weld profile gages, magnifying glass, mirrors, etc.

Remote Visual Inspection- This technique uses viewing equipment such as borescopes, fiber optic scopes, and remote video equipment. These tools along with a skilled operator can identify potential degradation mechanisms in areas that are not accessible. We also have a stereo measurement tool that can be used in conjunction with the remote visual camera. This measurement tool has proven itself over and over especially on tubular components.


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