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Tubular Services

Our Specialty Services Department offers a diverse array of capabilities for tubular inspections. For non-ferromagnetic materials, our Eddy Current stock is extremely well-equipped with bobbin probes, Circumferential crack detection probes, common size spinner probes (crack detection under tube sheets), and ASME calibration standards.

For ferromagnetic materials, we offer Remote Field Testing and/or Magnetic Flux Leakage testing. With over 120 ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic calibration standards, we usually do have the size & material standard of the tubes to be inspected. In the case that we do not have the standard of the material to be inspected, we will order whatever is necessary and can usually have it delivered within 24 hours. We also have a large selection of Eddy Current, RFT, and MFL probes to cover a wide variety of tubing sizes. IRIS Testing (Internal Rotary Inspection System) is also available with B, C, & D scan display, for ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic materials.

All of our inspection methods are utilized through software that records the data, which is archived for future inspections and/or needs. These testing methods can be further enhanced by using our Remote Visual Inspection system. Our GE XLG3 video probe, when used in conjunction w/ ET, RFT, or MFL gives us the most accurate measurements possible thanks to the stereo measurement technology. This technology can accurately measure the depth of a pit or degradation from a 2D and 3D jpeg image. Giving the customer a visual representation of the degradation with stereo measurements is what sets us from the competitor!


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