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Surface Eddy Current

Capitol Ultrasonics is capable of providing the following Surface Eddy Current Services: Surface Inspection, Weld Inspection, Conductivity/Nonconductive Coating Thickness Testing, Subsurface Corrosion Detection, Bolt Hole/Thread Inspection and C-Scan Array Inspections. Please see below for more detailed descriptions.

Surface Inspection

Surface Eddy Current inspections can be used for identifying flaws on and below metal surfaces. Single channel and Array capabilities are available. Data can be encoded and archived for future reference and detailed reporting for customer satisfaction.

Weld Inspection

A quick method used to scan a surface for open surface cracks on weld caps and in heat affected zones. Eliminating limitations such as, but not limited to magnetic permeability for Magnetic Particle Testing and dwell times for Liquid Penetrant Testing while increasing productivity and speed of the inspection with much less preparation needed for inspection.

Conductivity Testing/Nonconductive Coating Thickness

Eddy Currents ability to measure conductivity can be used to identify and sort ferrous and nonferrous alloys, and to verify heat treatment. Another common test involves the measurement of nonconductive coatings like paint over metals.

Subsurface Corrosion Detection

Low Frequency surface probes can be used to locate corrosion present on thin second and third layers of metal that cannot be detected ultrasonically. Corrosion can also be detected around fastener holes on aircraft parts.

Bolt Hole/Thread Inspection

Surface Eddy Current has the ability to detect cracking in bolt hole threads with the aid of special thread and bolt hole probes.

C-Scan Array Inspections

With a vast selection of Surface Eddy Current Array probes, we can perform numerous inspections with unlimited applications. Our C-Scan capabilities will give you a detailed view of your failure mechanism, corrosion areas, cracks, etc.


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