Advanced Services

Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) Capitol Ultrasonics is capable of employing different techniques for complete automated ultrasonic inspections.  The different technologies include Corrosion Mapping (CM), Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC), Phased Array (PAUT), Time-of-Flight-Diffraction (TOFD) and Electric Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMATS).
Drafting ServicesCapitol Ultrasonics has a full service Drafting and Auto-Cad Department.
Phased ArrayA Phased Array System is based around a specialized ultrasonic transducer that contains many individual elements that can be pulsed separately in a programmed pattern.
Positive Material Identification (PMI) Capitol Ultrasonics offers Positive Material Identification as one of our Specialty Testing services. Verification of proper materials has become a major concern in industry due to failures that have occurred over the years attributed to this problem.
Rope Access Rope Access is the application of using specialized rope techniques to safely position workers in hard to reach, at-height locations. It has proven to be a safe, cost-effective alternative to scaffolding and is now considered the industry standard for light to medium duty jobs.
Surface Eddy CurrentCapitol Ultrasonics is capable of providing the following Surface Eddy Current Services: Surface Inspection, Weld Inspection, Conductivity/Nonconductive Coating Thickness Testing, Subsurface Corrosion Detection, Bolt Hole/Thread Inspection and C-Scan Array Inspections. Please click the link for more detailed descriptions.
Tubular ServicesOur Specialty Services Department offers a diverse array of capabilities for tubular inspections. For non-ferromagnetic materials, our Eddy Current stock is extremely well-equipped with bobbin probes, Circumferential crack detection probes, common size spinner probes (crack detection under tube sheets), and ASME calibration standards.
Visual Testing/Remote The most common NDE and inspection method is Visual Examination. It is procedure for our Technicians to perform Visual Examination on every component that other NDE techniques are employed.



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